Our Story

Hello, my name is Kim and I am a mom to two little girls, and owner of The Green Crib & Kid. When my oldest was an infant she was diagnosed with eczema. It was heartbreaking as a new mom to see my beautiful baby struggle with this skin condition. On a quest to do whatever I could to lessen my daughter’s suffering, I began to learn more about the effects that the material and construction of clothing can have on a person with skin sensitivities. I sought out clothing made with organic materials that are free of chemicals, toxins in dyes, and scents, which can be less irritating for eczema sufferers. Scratchy tags and labels, and rough exposed seams became a thing of the past.

As a parent, I also became more aware of the environment my girls were growing up in, and the things I could do to ensure they continue to live on a healthy planet. This is why at The Green Crib & Kid, we sell eco-friendly products that are sustainably and ethically made. You will also find that our clothes are comfy, fun, colorful, cute and quirky. We offer many gender-neutral styles and prints. We’re always here to help you find just the perfect match for your kid’s style. Reach out to us at info@thegreencrib.com. Thank you for supporting our small business!